Faculty of Science, Gakushuin University
Cutting-edge research at the heart of Tokyo


Department of Mathematics

Mathematics will never be completed. It is constantly advancing and developing in which algebra, geometry, and analysis are mutually integrated. The aim of the department is to get people to touch such an active mathematics and to truly understand its beauty.

Department of Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of discovery and creation that focuses on the various phenomena in nature and materials in life. Based on the principles of chemistry and traditional methods with trial and error, we can develop the ability to create new ideas and discoveries.

Department of Physics

There is a vast unexplored area in physics. We are conducting cutting-edge research that extends from microscopic particles such as atoms, biomolecules, a wide variety of materials, and to the universe.

Department of Life Science

The Life Science Department provides a highly integrative and collaborative environment, committed to teaching and research. Its activities cover the full spectrum of biological sciences, ranging from cell and molecular biology to plant biology and animal behavior.